About Me

I'm Jordan Blum. Born and raised in Barrington, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

Currently, I am a Senior Associate Developer at Workday in Pleasanton, California.

High School

I started programming at Barrington High School, in Barrington, IL. I enrolled in a game design and intro to programming course. I later moved on to AP Computer Science and Data Structures using Java. After that, I started getting into all sorts of cool projects. My favorite was a wordpress music blog website I created and customized my own features and design.


I then went on to study Computer Science and Studio Art @ Santa Clara University based in the Bay Area. I learned the basics of computer science, as well as interned at two companies during undergrad as listed in my resume below. I created this website freshman year and have been adding to it since. I have also been working on an side iOS app that helps users navigate SCU's off-campus housing.

Current Position

As of late, I started my first job out of college at Workday, Inc. I am an associate release engineer that works on our internal tools team within the company. I am very excited to be working at such a growing company and look forward to my time here.


Aside from working at my first job out of college. I look forward to living in the Bay Area and getting my feet wet into all sorts of opportunities that the area can offer. From outdoor hiking, skiing, camping, and more... to meetups about different programming languages, new DevOps tools and more.


Here's what I'm up to.

  • Santa Clara University

    September 2014 - June 2018

    I studied Computer Science and Studio Art @ Santa Clara University. At school, I was involved with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), Entrepreneurship club, and KSCU (The Santa Clara Radio Station). In my free time I would to take trips to Lake Tahoe for snowboarding and trips to Santa Cruz to surf. In June, I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Studio Art.

  • Medimpact, Healthcare Systems, Inc.

    Summer 2015

    In the summer of 2015, I interned for MedImpact HealthCare Systems Inc., a pharmacy benefits management company. I assisted the IT Security and Data Warehousing departments. Within these areas, I learned everything from how to identify and diffuse advanced persistent threats to managing and employing Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) tools, SQL, and data warehousing appliances.

  • IT Student Technician

    September 2015 - June 2018

    Since the beginning of my 2nd year at SCU, I worked as a student IT technician. I answered all types of hardware and software questions to all students and faculty at the University. In addition, I fixed most of the student and faculty computer problems which range from a corrupt install of software, to replacing their hard drive, as well as other miscellaneous tasks.

  • Semester at University of Cape Town

    Fall 2016

    For the fall quarter of my junior year at Santa Clara University, I chose to study abroad at the University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa. By studying abroad in Cape Town, I was not only able to travel and see incredible places around the continent of Africa, but I was able to experience how businesses and technology work in the context of another country.

  • SCU Student Ambassador

    March 2017 - June 2018

    In the winter quarter of my junior year, I was hired as a student ambassador at Santa Clara University. As a student ambassador, I was the first point of contact for any prospective student that is interested in SCU. I gave hour long campus tours for prospective families and students. In addition I participated in 30 minute long student only Q&A panels speaking to my experiences and opportunities I have had at Santa Clara.

  • Software Developer Intern at OpenZNet

    Summer 2017 - February 2018

    During the summer of 2017, I started working for a startup in Mountain View, California as a software developer intern. My main responsibilites were to create web applications using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to be used on a TV platform. In addition, my other responsibilities have been using Node.js and created/edited scripts to handle the backend of our product as well.

  • Senior Associate Developer at Workday

    August 2018 - Present

    In August of 2018, I started my first job as a DevOps & Release engineer at Workday, Inc. in Pleasanton, CA. I work on our tools team overseeing and assisting in the software development of Salesforce and ServiceNow releases. As of late, I have been building internal developer tooling and integrations to automate and enhance our current build/deploy processes.


Here's What I Bring to the Table: